Photo feature: March for Life in Germany


Central Europe


About 3,000 went on the streets in Berlin for the Marsch für das Leben. Photo AFP, John Macdougall

The German pro-life movement had hoped to see more people at the March for Life in Berlin, last Saturday. But the 3,000 were able to bring their message across.

"On Mars, even one cell would be seen as life", one banner said. Quite funny, seen from the decades-long search for even the smallest piece of life on the far-away planet. It is a slogan with a strong message as well. If extra-terrestrial life would be of such value, the more the beginning of earthly life in a mother's womb should be.

Protesters against the pro-life message. Photo AFP, John Macdougall

However, not everybody was happy with the pro-life message in the German capital. There were quite some counter-protesters as well. According to the news reporting, there was some tension but not too much.

Life is not a matter of choice. Photo AFP, John Macdougall

Is pro-life the opposite of pro-choice? No, said one sign. A child is not a choice. As soon as a human being is there, you have no choice but to embrace it as the new reality.

Theology as a stumbling block against biology. Photo AFP, John Macdougall

Is demonstrating for the right of life for the most vulnerable the same as oppressing your values on the majority? Or is it just a matter of human rights for the unborn? That debate will go on, also under the present Traffic Light Coalition in Germany, which is much more progressive in medico-ethical issues than the previous government.

Boss in my own belly. Photo AFP, John Macdougall

Demonstrations give a stimulus to the creative brain. Not only are some slogans very good and spot-on, but some drawings also speak clear language as well.

Inclusion for all special species. Photo AFP, John Macdougall

In many Western countries, the number of born Down babies is decreasing. Most disabled children are aborted as soon as a test show they differ from the majority. Not very inclusive, says one sign, taking a strong term from the political left for the pro-life goals.



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