Going to Russian Orthodox Church leads to demand of dismissal in Ukraine


Eastern Europe


The letter from Eva Semkiv, the head of Verkhnya Yablonka, requesting the dismissal of a school director and teachers. Photo Facebook, Прихильники Православної Церкви України

Eva Semkiv, the head of the village of Verkhnya Yablonka in the Lviv region, requested the authorities to fire a school director and teachers for attending church services from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). The UOC belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate.

In a letter to the chairman of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Semkiv asked for assistance in the dismissal of the director and some teachers of the local school. They attended services in the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. That was reported by Spzh based on a Facebook post from "supporters of the OCU." According to the head of Verkhnya Yablonka, these teachers "set a negative example for students." Furthermore, the letter refers to a document with the signatures of villagers drafted during a general meeting.

According to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Semkiv's actions are "a gross violation of the Constitution of Ukraine." On its website, it cites article 35 of the Constitution, which reads that everyone has the right to freedom of outlook and religion and that the church and religious organisations are separated from the state and the school separated from the church.

Also, on Facebook, Semkiv's letter caused consternation and discussion. "What about the soldiers, the believers of the UOC, who die for us? Are they also collaborators in your opinion?" someone writes.



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