Austrian stores might close on Sunday to lower energy costs


Central Europe


Photo Facebook, Arbeitsfreier Sonntag

In Austria, several large retail chains are considering closing their stores on Sunday to save on their energy bill. The Sunday Alliance welcomes this development.

The measure does not only reduce energy costs but also relieves employees who are under increasing pressure due to a shortage of people, the Sonntagsallianz (Sunday Alliance) says in a statement, as reported by Katholisch.at.

According to the Sunday Alliance, people need a break from everyday life, especially in a time in which crises abound. “This break has always been the Sunday in our society. It interrupts the work week and provides the necessary deceleration that we all urgently need.” Furthermore, the Alliance says the free Sunday is a guaranteed time that can be spent with others or for oneself.

The Sunday Alliance was founded in 2001 and promotes a work-free Sunday in Austria. It strives to keep Sundays from “being gradually eroded by business and politics”, it states on its website. In practice, the organisation creates public awareness of the social value of shared free time and attempts to counter the trend that all life becomes working and consumption time. The Sunday Alliance is supported by churches, trade unions and federal state alliances.



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