Slovak government wants to improve live of LGBT people


Central Europe


Eduard Heger, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, wants to improve security on the streets and solve radicalising aggression towards LGBT people in a reaction towards the murder of two people of the LGBT community last month.

The Prime Minister said so in a TV show on Sunday, reports Standard. "The Minister of Justice is preparing the legislation, it is a matter of weeks when he will come up with a proposal", Heger said.

On the evening of October 12th, a 19-year-old student killed two young LGBT people at a gay bar in Bratislava. Before the shooting, the suspect had posted anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-Semitic messages on Twitter. The shooter was found dead the day after.

Although the government came under scrutiny for not doing enough in guarding the rights of LGBT people, Heger claims that the government does not underestimate the situation. "Steps are also being taken on the part of the police, we have taken it seriously so that every citizen feels safe," he said. He pointed to the radicalization of society and the need for prevention.

Furthermore, Heger announced that the Slovak government is also looking at improving the conditions of couples living together.



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