Churches celebrate Ukrainian victory in Kherson


Eastern Europe


Ukrainian servicemen pose for photos with locals welcoming them in the recaptured city of Kherson. Photo EPA, Ivan Antypenko

Pictures show how the city of Kherson is filled with celebrations and Ukrainian flags following the Ukrainian victory in the town last Friday. Also, Ukrainian Christians are overjoyed.

"On behalf of all God's people, I thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for restoring the gift of freedom to Kherson and the entire right-bank Mykolaiv region and Kherson region", His Beatitude Svyatoslav from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said in his military address that is reported on in a statement last Saturday. Furthermore, he thanked God for the release of 45 soldiers from Russian captivity. "The Lord God gives us clear signs of His presence among us, signs that Ukraine is tirelessly, day by day, approaching victory. And today, we can once again say: Ukraine stands! Ukraine is fighting! Ukraine is praying", the Head of the UGCC wrote in the statement.

Furthermore, the Archbishop compared the bishops, priests and monks in Kherson to the Good Shepherd while their region was under Russian occupation. That was reported by Aleteia. He did so during his visit to Rome the past weekend. "We want to thank you for the liberated Kherson, for the fact that our fathers did not leave the city", Svyatoslav said to the crowd.


The Baptists of Ukraine also published a statement on Facebook in which they expressed their gratitude for the liberation of Kherson. "Let's continue to pray for the restoration of churches in the liberated areas and the return of people to their homes", the Baptist believers write. According to them, there were 74 churches in Kherson before the war.



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