Czech birth rate at lowest point in years


Central Europe


A baby girl looks on while two young women push their children in a stroller during the race walking competition in Brno, Czech Republic. Photo AFP, Radek Mica

The number of babies born in the Czech has not been as low as last year since 2004. According to new statistics, the ageing trend of Czech demography keeps going.

With 99,834 births, the number of newborns in the country did not even reach 100,000, statistics from the Czech Statistical Office showed on Tuesday. This number has not been this low since 2004. That was reported by Deutsch.radio.cz. In 2021, the number of births was still 12,000 higher.

In total, the Czech population did increase by about 16,700 people. However, this upward trend is only due to migration. An estimated 57,000 people entered the country, while 20,000 left.


The number of married people in the Czech Republic increased as well. In total, 54,500 couples got married in 2022. That is 17 per cent more than in 2021. The number of divorces increased by 1,800. In total, 19,300 couples went separate ways.

The average age of the Czech population increases steadily as well, the statistics show. Last year, 2.2 million people were older than 65. Their share makes up 20.9 per cent of the whole population.



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