2G is getting the norm in Europe, but unvaccinated in Austria can go to church


European Union


The Austrian police is active in maintaining the lockdown for unvaccinated. Photo AFP, Gert Eggenberger

More and more countries and regions are going over to 2G. That means that unvaccinated people can be excluded. It’s not clear what consequences this can have for churches. Austria has a lockdown for unvaccinated people, but the law let them go to church.

Evangelical Focus reports that the new regulation “contains an exception clause for gatherings for the practice of religion”. That would include visits to the cemetery.

2G means that only vaccination and recovery from Covid are enough protection. The negative test will no longer be approved for that.

In Denmark, churches with more than 200 visitors must ask for a corona pass. But Kristeligt Dagblad reports that there is a loophole. The simple method is deciding that the meeting is for just 200 people. Only new visitors above that 200 will be asked for the pass. Most churches in Denmark get less than 200 worshipers. There is debate, however, whether it is appropriate to fine a church for letting in ‘too many’ people.

German states

But in Germany, the 2G approach is getting accepted by more and more states. So far, this was decided by the states of Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Berlin. The prime ministers of the 16 German states will come together on Thursday to discuss the fourth Covid wave, as Deutsche Welle reports. The vaccination rate in the whole of Germany is less than 70 per cent.

It is not clear what the consequences for churches will be in Germany. The superintendent of the Protestant Church of Lippe, Dietmar Arends, has stated that access to church must remain free. That belongs to the essence of the Christian worship, he says according to the press agency Idea.

Dutch proportionality

The Dutch parliament could not come to a decision about 2G on Tuesday evening. The caretaker government had proposed only accepting vaccinated or recovered people in some cases. But it is still not sure whether the parliament agrees with this.

The College for the Human Rights in the Netherlands has stated that a 2G approach is allowed only if no alternative means exist. According to the college, that is not the case yet. “The proportionality of this rule has not been proven”, the college said on Tuesday.



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