War leads to decline in trust for Ukrainian Church


Eastern Europe


Security officers at the Kyiv-Perchersk Lavra which was accused of being pro-Russian. The so-called Monastery of the Caves was claimed back by the Ukrainian government. Photo EPA, Oleg Petrasyuk

As the Russo-Ukrainian war progresses, Ukrainians trust the Church less and less.

That is shown by a new survey of the Razumkov Center. In recent times, the level of trust decreased to 61 per cent. According to the Razumkova director, Yuriy Yakymenko, this is a “significant change compared to previous indicators.”

Of the 2020 adult respondents, 8.9 per cent indicated that they do not trust the Church at all. Almost 16 per cent is inclined to mistrust the Church, while 39.3 per cent generally believes in the Church. An additional 21.5 per cent says to trust the Church entirely. More than 14 per cent of the respondents indicated that they find it difficult to answer this question.


The Ukrainian military enjoys the greatest amount of trust compared to other public institutions. Of the respondents, 93 per cent expressed trust in the armed forces of their country, Slovoproslovo writes. According to Yakymenko, this shows that Ukrainians count on the military and volunteers who protect the country. President Zelensky has the trust of 82 per cent of the survey participants.

The Security Service of Ukraine enjoys the trust of 66 per cent of the respondents and the police 59, as reported by InVictory.



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