Movie on child trafficking now available in Europe


European Union


Children in South America are often at risk of human trafficking. Photo screenshot from the movie Sound of Freedom, Angel Studios

An American security agent leaves his job for a new mission: rescuing children from a criminal network that sexually abuses children for profit. It is the plot of the much-discussed American movie Sound of Freedom. Now, it is also available in Europe.

In the United States, the film has been a great success, Evangelical Focus writes. Since its release, it has cashed 182 million dollars in tickets in the United States.

Sound of Freedom has drawn quite a bit of attention, for example from former US President Donald Trump. However, it has not been without controversy.

Even though many praise it for raising awareness on the topic of sex trafficking of minors, other criticise that the movie spreads conspiracy theories, such as QAnon, which accuses progressive elite people of paedophilia. This may come as no surprise, because the main figure, officer Tim Ballard and his counter-part in the movie, Jim Caviezel, have been associated with it, Time writes.


At the same time, the distributor of the movie, Angel Studios, strongly denied this. “Anybody who watches this film knows that it is not about conspiracy theories”, CEO Neal Harmon said in an interview with the New York Times. “It is not about politics.”

The film does not specifically mention QAnon aspects, New York Times reports. However, it depicts trafficking and child abuse imagergy, and suggests that international wealthy people are among its consumers.

Because of this controversial aspect, several producers have turned down the film, such as Disney and Fox. Now, it is produced by the Christian company Angel Studios, which also produced the movie The Chosen, about the life of Jesus.


The release of the movie on the European continent started in Estonia and Lithuania. Now, it can also be seen in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Poland. It will become available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and France in the near future as well.



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