Free churches in Germany speak out against homosexuality but condone dissenters


Central Europe


The meeting of the Bundestag of the Freie evangelische Gemeinde in Ewersbach. Photo Facebook, FeG Deutschland

The Federation of Freier evangelischer Gemeinden (Free Protestant Congregations) of Germany is clear: homosexuality is unbiblical. However, congregations who deviate from that notion are still welcome in the denomination.

The Bund of Freier evangelischer Gemeinden (FeG) met on Saturday in Ewersbach. There, the delegates again discussed how to deal with the issue of homosexuality, PRO writes.

The so-called Bundestag of the FeG had discussed the issue on several forums and in diverse regions throughout the country. From these conversations, it seemed that the Free churches agreed on one thing: to be the community of Jesus together and to live according to the standards of God's Word and faith.

A large majority of the Free Churches also agree that marriage is a union between one man and one woman according to Biblical standards. However, at the same time, they don't want to exclude people who deviate from this standard.


Based on the results of the feedback, the leaders of the Free Protestant Churches decided to create guidelines on the topic of homosexuality. In short, Homosexual relationships do not fit the Biblical model of marriage, and those living in such a relationship cannot become a church leader or pastor. In addition, the church does not offer any space for blessings of homosexual relationships, Idea writes. These guidelines correspond quite closely to the decisions of the Free Protestant Church in 2019, several German media notice.

However, the guidelines also recommend "supporting unity as a community in diversity". In practice, that means that the guidelines are not engraved in stone, Idea notes. If a community wants to bless homosexual couples or ordain a homosexual pastor living in a relationship, this does not mean immediate exclusion from the denomination. This results in a tension that is "significant but yet bearable", the guidelines read.


However, many speakers were critical of the decision of the Bundestag. Some of them fear that the recommendation is too non-binding, Idea writes. The Bible is clear, they argue: "Homosexuality is a sin, and there can be no compromises on this issue."



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