Pastor who cared for dictator dies


Central Europe


Holmer in 2013. Photo RD, Evert van Vlastuin

German pastor and evangelical theologian Uwe Holmer died on Monday at 94 in Serrahn, northern Germany. German media announced this on Tuesday.

Holmer became famous in 1990 when he hosted Erich Honecker, former head of state of East Germany, and his wife for ten weeks, despite the fact that the East German state had antagonised Holmer himself. The Honecker couple had to leave their home shortly before the fall of the wall in 1989.

The church asylum for Honecker earned Holmer criticism. In a later interview with the Dutch Christian daily Reformatorisch Dagblad, he said about it: "I was interested in peace, not hate. Peace comes only through forgiveness."

CNE earlier published an interview with Holmer's son, in which he talked about life in the rectory with Honecker.



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