Study: Christians suspicious of artificial intelligence in church


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Christians are hestitant to implement Artificial Intelligence to church life. Photo Unsplash, Karl Fredrickson

Christians are more concerned about artificial intelligence than non-Christians, a new study shows.

While some churches experiment with artificial intelligence (AI) in their church, a survey has now found that a majority of Christians do not believe AI is good for the church.

While most people are still getting acquainted with AI, the American Christian polling firm Barna Group asked around 1500 US Christians about their feelings surrounding AI and the church. More than half (51 per cent) believed that the two should never be linked. An even larger group (52 per cent) said they would be disappointed if they knew their own congregation was using such technology. This reports Evangelical Focus.


In general, Barna states that Christians are less trusting of AI than non-Christians. "Just over one in four Christians (28 per cent) say they are hopeful AI can do positive things in the world, compared to two in five non-Christians (39 per centToday’s Christians are also less likely than non-Christians to feel fascinated or excited about AI, or that it would make their life easier."

In a Gloo survey published earlier this year, 54 per cent of questioned ministry leaders said they were both extremely concerned about ethical or moral issues related to using AI in the Church and the technology’s emergence in the world. "The data reveals that church leaders are quite split in their opinions on the role of AI in the Church and how they are reading the terrain”, said Savannah Kimberlin, associate vice president at the Barna Group to the Christian Post.



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