Column from Hungary: Will you let God love you?


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Travellers at Budapest Airport. Photo Instagram, budapestairport

We live in the countryside, in a quiet little town not far from Budapest. I often have to travel to the capital for work, but I am not the only one; dozens of locals commute every day. Recently, railway renovations have made traffic difficult, which has also increased traffic on the roads.

I confess that I prefer trains to driving and only venture onto the already congested motorway when I really have to. And at night, when I'm tired, I avoid driving if possible. Especially when my chatty daughters are around turning the car into a concert hall with their loud singing.

A few weeks ago I had to go to London for a conference, and due to the traffic situation I had to make a tough choice. I didn't want to take our only car for four days and then pay a lot of money to park it in the airport car park, so I opted for public transport.

But this decision made my return trip very difficult: if I did not park the car at the airport and my husband did not pick me up (4 hours of driving in total), I would have to spend the night at the airport and take the first bus home in the morning. When I checked in at the airport Budapest, I already checked what comfortable armchairs were waiting for me on my return, to spend four hours in...


The conference was very uplifting, and I was mentally and spiritually recharged. I thought about the reviews I would write during my hours of waiting at the airport to make time useful. The flight back was uneventful – for those of you who like to fly... for me it is spent with active prayer. After all, planes are metal boxes at 10 km altitude, the best place to rely on God and put him in control of our lives.

A few minutes before landing, two ladies behind me were talking in Hungarian (my mother tongue). One of them randomly mentioned that her husband was coming to pick her up and drive her home. to my hometown! I didn't hesitate too much, but just turned around and asked if I could drive along in their car. I tried to make her feel free to say no, it would obviously be understandable, but I also made it clear that otherwise I'd be at the airport for the next four hours until the first bus home. The lady was socially sensitive – along with her husband – and let me into their car. I'm still very grateful to them. Because of this gesture, I was able to see my husband and daughters the same night.

When I told a friend about it, she was amazed at my courage. She wouldn't dare ask anyone to drive her home. Her pride wouldn't let her. She would have preferred to spend the night at the airport. "But you see," she said, "you let God show you how much he loves you." Yes, I also had to play my part in letting God show his infinite personal love in my life. In the time of Advent, will you let God love you?



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