Protestant theologian welcomes abolishment German ban of abortion ads


Central Europe


A woman taping her mouths with letters reading '219a' participates in a demonstration for the abolition of criminal code 219a. Photo EPA, Hayoung Jeon

Margot Käßmann, former chairwoman of the council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, has welcomed the planned deletion of the German advertising ban for abortion.

This was reported by Die Tagespost. “It is not about advertising, but simply about information”, Käßmann writes in a column in Bild am Sonntag..

Margot Käßmann. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Käßmann argues that a pregnant woman has the right to find out how abortion works and to “independently look online for a doctor she trusts.” Although the protestant theologian stresses that she is happy about every born child, she states that “not allowing a woman to inform herself freely, is incapacitation.”

Recently, the German minister of Justice presented a bill to delete the ban on abortion advertisements. Currently, doctors who publish information about abortions on their websites can be criminally charged. The minister of Justice wants to abolish the paragraph in the criminal code that forbids publishing information about abortions.

Former coalition party CDU opposes the bill. According to them, the paragraph in the criminal code was about the distinction between pure information and advertisements.

As CNE.news reported earlier, the German Catholic Church criticizes the bill. Georg Bätzing, chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, argued earlier that the changes remove the protection of unborn life. According to him, the changes are not “modern and progressive.”



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