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At the end of this year, a documentary will be available about the repression of Christians in the Soviet Union. Last month, Pravda Pro production Studio has begun the production of the historical documentary.

In January, Pravda Pro recorded the first scenes, Religion in Ukraine, reports on the basis of Svitogliad . About 26 actors are involved in the documentary. Among them are reconstructors of the Azimut Military History Group, actors from the Volyn Drama Theatre, and actors from the Lutsk Garmider Theater. Also, dogs of the National Guard of Ukraine play a role. They were filmed in a separate casting.

The scenes of the documentary are recorded in Volyn. One set will be shot in Volodymyr, another in the forest of Sokyrychi. The plot of the event, however, will take place in Kharkiv.

Two years ago, the project started with interviews with eyewitnesses of the persecution in the Soviet Union. The plot of the video focuses on the Communist resistance of faith. The Communist government then propagated an atheistic state.

Serhiy Sharayevsky, the head of the Pravda Pro production studio, says to the organisation Christians for Ukraine that “although the film is a documentary, there is a director’s idea to use game scenes.” The documentary includes three short films and a background video that reflects “the spirit of the era, the spirit of the time, and conveys the suffering of Christians.”

Pravda Pro has been making films for more than ten years. Among its productions is the movie “The Case of the Nineteen”, which is about the Ukrainian underground in Volyn.



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