Evangelical seminaries in Eastern Europe condemn war against Ukraine


Eastern Europe

Lennart Nijenhuis, CNE.news

Teaching class at Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine, Kyiv. Photo Facebook

Eleven Evangelical seminaries in Eastern Europe (including Russia) have condemned the violence against Ukraine. In a joint statement, they speak about “Putin’s cynical lies” about genocide in the country’s east.

The eleven Protestant colleges have been working on a common declaration for a few days. On Saturday morning, the name of the 11th institute was added to the letter.

The initiative came from the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine (ERSU) in Kyiv. Five other colleges from Ukraine participated in this as well: the Kyiv Theological Seminary, the Odesa Theological Seminary, the Reformed Theological Seminary of Donetsk (temporarily in Kyiv as well), and the Taurian Christian Institute in Kherson (just north of Crimea). On Saturday morning, the name of Poltava Theological Seminary was added.

Also, two Russian seminaries signed the declaration. They are not named but just mentioned as one in Western Russia and one in Western Siberia.

“Blatant lies”

In the light of “Russia’s full-scale attack”, the theological institutes consider it necessary to strongly condemn the “open and unjustified aggression aimed at destroying the statehood and independence of Ukraine”, as well as the “blatant lies from the lips of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and the country’s top leadership”, as the declaration on the ERSU’s Facebook page reads.

“We reject Putin’s mythical narrative, which has nothing to do with historical reality, about the alleged artificial creation of the Ukrainian state”, the colleges say. “We condemn Putin’s cynical lies about Ukraine’s alleged genocide of the people in the east of the country, lies that Putin uses to satisfy his own geopolitical ambitions, which are clearly contrary to God’s revelation.”

The Protestant theologians express solidarity with the people of Ukraine. “We share the pain of those who have already lost their loved ones. We pray that all the aggressor’s plans would be thwarted and put to shame. We call on all people of good will around the world to resist the lies and hatred of the aggressor. We call on everyone to petition for a cessation of hostilities and to exert every possible influence on the Russian Federation to stop the unmotivated aggression toward Ukraine. We ask you to pray for peace for the people of Ukraine and for courage and wisdom for Christian churches so that they continue to serve those in need.”

God’s unlimited power

Despite the violence and aggression, they still pray for all authorities but “put our hope in the King of kings and the Lord of lords.” They refer to God as the “fortress” in Psalm 46. “We confess the real and unlimited power of God over all countries and continents, as well as over all kings and rulers. Therefore, nothing in all creation can interfere with the fulfilment of the good and perfect will of God. We, together with the first Christians, affirm “Jesus is Lord,” and not Caesar.”

The participating seminaries:

Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine (ERSU)
Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary (Riga, Latvia)
Evening Reformed Seminary (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Kyiv Theological Seminary
Odesa Theological Seminary
Reformed Theological Seminary of Donetsk (temporarily located in Kyiv)
Reformed Theological Seminary Heidelberg, (Germany)
Seminary in Western Russia (name of seminary not mentioned)
Seminary in Western Siberia, Russia (name of seminary not mentioned)
Taurian Christian Institute (Kherson)
Poltava Theological Seminary



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