Russians kidnap Protestant bishop Melitopol


Eastern Europe


Screenshot of Bodyu during an interview with Ignite Europe. Photo Ignite Europe

Russian invaders have kidnapped the Ukrainian Bishop Dmytro Bodyu. Bodyu is the leader of the Word of Life Church in Melitopol and bears responsibility for 20 churches of the denomination.

According to the local newspaper Inform.zp, the Russians did not like Bodyu's pro-Ukrainian stance. The clergyman was in a church building when the Russians took him away, Dagen reports. Bodyu's wife is safely at home.

Bodyu. Photo Word of Life Church, Melitopol

Christian Åkerhielm, the Swedish director of the Word of Life denomination, tells Dagen that Russian soldiers came to the church and asked for papers. "Then they seized everyone's mobile phones and asked Bodyu politely to come along for questioning. He had the feeling that he would be released the same day, but he has not." According to Åkerhielm, the church leader also has American citizenship.

According to C4U, the Russians terrorise the local Ukrainian population by abducting politicians and activists in occupied towns. Earlier, some mayors and leaders of public organisations have disappeared.



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