Belarusian pastor detained


Eastern Europe


Pastor Vitaly Chichmarev and his family. Photo Facebook, Christian Vision for Belarus

The Belarusian authorities arrested the pastor of the Baptist Church “Light of Hope” earlier this week in Minsk.

The equipment of the minister, Pastor Vitaly Chichmarev, was seized, and a search was conducted, Krynica reports.

Vitaly Chchmarev worked as an engineer. A few years ago, in 2020, he was active in a trade union movement that propagated fair elections and decent working conditions.

In addition, Pastor Chichmarev was a member of an independent trade union of metalworkers, the working group “Christian Vision for Belarus” writes on Facebook. Several other members of the trade union were arrested as well.

The fate of the minister remains unknown as of Thursday afternoon. Christian Vision asks Christians to pray for him.

Extremist posts

In addition, Christian Vision for Belarus reported on Twitter that a Roman Catholic priest was detained as well. He is accused of sharing extremist posts on social media.



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