Dutch Christian increasingly accepts homosexuality


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Homosexuality in the Netherlands is less controversial than 15 years ago, also among Christians. Research shows that over the past 15 years, more and more believers have taken on a more positive view of homosexuality and gender diversity.

The Dutch socio-cultural research agency SCP made up a report about the acceptance of homosexuality in The Netherlands. That is reported by the Nederlands Dagblad. Only 1 per cent of Dutch Roman Catholics rejects homo- and bisexuality. Among Protestant believers of the Dutch denomination Protestant Church of the Netherlands (PKN), 13 per cent has a negative view of homosexuality. In 2006, this group made up 28 per cent.

According to the Nederlands Dagblad (ND), this shift in the Christian world corresponds to a broader trend in the country: homosexuality is accepted more and more. About 93 per cent of the SCP research participants said that homosexuals should be able to live as they want. Mariecke van den Berg, professor of feminism and Christianity in Nijmegen, is not surprised by the research results. She says to ND that Catholic believers often have the same opinion as the secular population of the country. "Only the bishops and cardinals have a different opinion and still maintain a negative view on homosexuals. In the Protestant denomination, pastors and common believers have the same view more often."

Gender diversity replaces homosexuality

Disputes about gender diversity increasingly replace the controversy around homosexuality. Van den Berg: "For many people, gender is a new topic. Some experience it as a threat, more than homosexuality. Many people find it uncomfortable when they don't know whether the person opposite them is a man or a woman."

Among PKN members, 46 per cent have a positive view of gender diversity. Among Catholics, this group makes up 43 per cent of the whole. About 18 per cent of the PKN members and 12 per cent of the Catholics have a negative view of gender, ND writes.

Many Dutch still disturbed by kissing men

Even though homosexuality has become broadly accepted, many people still feel reservations when this sexual orientation is expressed. About a quarter of the Dutch population finds two kissing men disturbing. Yet, the Netherlands ranks high in the list of countries that accept homosexuality.



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