German family association calls for higher child support for large families


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The German government recently decided to increase child benefits due to high inflation. However, the new regulation only applies to families with up to three children. The legislation ignores large families and does not do justice to their notable achievements, Elisabeth Müller, chairwoman of the Association of Large Families Germany, criticises.

Because of the high inflation, the German Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner, promised a relief package for families for the coming year, Die Tagespost reports. It amounts to an increase of 8 euros for the first two children from 219 euros to 227 euros. Parents receive 2 euros extra for the third child. That amount is also 227 euros. However, the increase in child benefits only applies up to the third child.

Earlier, the Minister of Family, Elisabeth Paus, warned about the growing number of children growing up in poverty because of the rising inflation. She said that “families with children, in particular, are standing with their backs against the wall because of price developments.”

Elisabeth Müller from the Association of Large Families Germany is not satisfied with the promised increase in child benefits, Verband Kinderreicher Familien Deutschland writes in a press release. She says that inflation strikes especially larger families and that she finds it incomprehensible that rates only go up for maximal three children per family.

Müller argues that large families are essential for society because they “bridge the demographic gap.” Therefore, “greater state support for families who decide to have a third or more children goes hand in hand with a high added value for society as a whole”, she says in the press release.

Earlier, the family association published five recommendations for the relief of large families in economic hardships. The first step, they argued, would be a reduction in taxes on groceries. Secondly, the money bonus for increased energy costs should also be applied in 2023. Thirdly, children should be able to travel by public transport for 9 euros. Fourthly, the Federal Foundation for Families in Need should provide more customised work. Lastly, large families should receive a standard “multi-child family card” to get the same opportunities and access to the educational, cultural and leisure sectors.



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