Kremlin tells doctor to convince women to have more children


Eastern Europe


Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with families. Photo EPA, Mikhail Klimentyev

Gynaecologists should convince women to start families with multiple children. That is what the head of the Russian Health Ministry proposed last week.

Gynaecologists work with women of reproductive age and with girls who prepare for motherhood, Minister Mihail Murashko explained his statement, as reported by Interfax. "They must form attitudes focused on the birth of a child and the formation of a family with more than one child", Murashko added.

According to the politician, the shaping of attitudes so that women are more willing to have several children should actually belong to the priorities of medical specialists, Radio Sputnik writes. The country wrestles with a demographic low. And since immigration is almost non-existent, the population is shrinking and ageing.

Furthermore, the Minister told the forum that the government will invest more money in neonatal screenings this year. "Next year, we are moving to a new format. Equipment is being purchased and delivered", he said, according to Radonezh.


Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health prohibited doctors from persuading parents to have an abortion or to abandon their child in case of detected disabilities of the unborn baby. Instead, the physicians are obliged to tell prospective parents about obtaining assistance, and support measures, as CNE.news reported earlier.

The Russian Orthodox Church also favours large families. In May, Patriarch Kirill demanded more support for large families in Russia, CNE.news wrote. The Patriarch said to be worried about Russia's demographic situation. "Quite soon, it will be too late to adopt a law regarding the status of large families."



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