Ukrainian church damaged by Russian drone attack


Eastern Europe


The buildings that were hit by a drone attack. Photo Instagram, vladimirkorshun

The building of the Word of Life congregation in Poltava suffered under a Russian drone attack on Monday night. Two church employees narrowly escaped, but no one was killed, pastor Vladimir Kurshun announced.

The Word of Life church is located next to a post office that was severely hit in the Ukrainian town of Poltava. Russian drones targeted the area on Monday evening. On Tuesday morning, 3.00 A.M., pastor Kurshun received a phone call that the site of the church was burning, he wrote on Instagram earlier this week. “Once I arrived there, I saw buildings, companies and rooms of common tenants suffering from the terrible flames of the “Russian World”, the pastor states. According to him, the front of the church building was blown away.

Two employees staying in the building narrowly escaped a second drone attack. They attempted to save a minivan by driving it to safety, but as soon as they sat down, they saw another drone coming. They jumped out of the car, and the vehicle was hit seconds later.

Three drones landed on the post office next to the church, the Swedish pastor Rune Borgsö, as reported by Dagen. Borgsö recently visited Ukraine. He says that the pressure of the explosion shattered all the windows of the church and also destroyed the air conditioning system.

The Ukrainian authorities say they have shot down six of the ten so-called kamikaze drones headed for Poltava. That is reported by Poltava.to. Those that did reach their target set an area of 3,600 square metres on fire.



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