Inspection investigates Christian school Norway for view on homosexuality


Northern Europe


The Norwegian authorities have ordered the educational inspection to investigate an independent Christian school after a media storm broke out because of the school's view on homosexuality and sin.

Principal Bjørn Valde is okay with inspectors coming to his school, the Innherred Christian School in Mosvik. "Our school is approved according to the plans we submitted, and we operate according to them. That is what needs to be checked”, he says to Vart Land.

Last month, the school became the subject of controversy and social outrage because Valde had said in an interview with Dagbladet that "homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible" and that that was taught at school.

The Directorate of Education wrote in an e-mail to Vart Land that it is opening an investigation into the school to see whether the school provides teaching in accordance with the approved curricula.



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