Large families in Germany suffer most from rising prices


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Almost half of the children who live in poverty come from families with multiple children. Yet, they will benefit less from the increase in child support implemented next year.

About a third of families with three or more children are classified as low-income, Die Tagespost writes based on a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation. The so-called multi-child families are at risk of poverty three times more than families with two or fewer children. One factor that might be part of the explanation is that mothers with more children have less time for a job. Of the total of multi-child and single-parent families, more than 86 per cent is dependent on social help, Die Tagespost writes.

Germany pays too little political and social attention to large families. That leads to unsuitable living conditions, financial difficulties, care problems and stigmatisation, Sebastian Heimann from the German Family Association says. "Germany is not a country that appreciates and supports large families."


That is also seen in the new regulation of child benefits that will come into force in January 2023. Up to the third child, families will get more money. However, the fourth, fifth, and sixth child and every child after that will not get anything from it, Verband Kinderreicher Familien Deutschland (Union of Child Rich Families) writes in a press release.

From January on, the first child will receive 31 euros a month more; for the second child, the benefit will increase by 25 euros a month and for the third child, even by 250 euros per month. However, the fourth child will not receive anything at all. The organisation writes to be very disappointed by that. "Families with three or more children have disproportionately high expenses for their children and often have a lower monthly income due to working time models adapted to their living situation", Dr Elisabeth Müller says. She is the Federal President of the organisation.

The Association pleads for considering the reality of life in families with multiple children. "The amount of child benefit for third and additional children must again take greater account of the special performance of large families."



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