Thousands of parents sign petition against gender confusion at school


Northern Europe


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Last Thursday, Maren Grøthe from the Norwegian Education and Research Committee received a petition signed by more than 15,000 parents. They worry about the current sex education curriculum of schools.

"Our children are now being taught an ideological understanding of gender that breaks with established natural science", the petition states. It was set up in January by a parent network as a campaign called "Protect our children and grandchildren against gender-confusing teaching in kindergartens and schools." That is reported by Dagen. In total, 15,596 people signed the petition.

Children are taught two conflicting views on gender in school, says Peter Risholm, one of the campaign leaders, who handed over the petition. According to him, this undermines the trust in Norwegian schools.


Risholm motivates the campaign by saying that teachings should be based on a scientific view of gender. He points out that natural sciences teach that there are only two sexes but that this is also common sense. "You don't need to be a biologist to know that there are two sexes, male and female."

Yet, parents tell Risholm that "Gender identity" has become one of the competence targets for Fourth graders in primary school. The curriculum distinguishes between biological sex, psychological sex, social gender and legal gender, Risholm explains.

School books reinforce these ideas about gender, the parent network determines. One of the science textbooks, for example, states that there does not need to be a connection between appearance and perceived gender.

Even though he acknowledges that respect is important, he still points out that everyone has a genetically determined gender. "Young pupils cannot assess information critically. But much is still up to teachers, which is why it is o important that parents chat about these things with them", he says.


After the network handed over the petition, they will now continue to work on informing people about their stance. They send out newsletters and communicate via social media. "We encourage all parents to talk to teachers and school boards if they experience questionable teaching about gender. The message should be that teaching must be based on a scientific view of gender."



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