Why a theologian writes crime novels


Central Europe


Dr Angela Rinn in an interview. Photo Facebook, Bibel TV

Being a theologian and writing thrillers? The German Angela Rinn manages to do so. She says the style of crime novels and her expertise in theology is a good combination. "It's about confronting evil, about the question of justice and the illusion of a better world."

Six novels already flowed from her pen. The seventh, like the other six written under the pseudonym of Vera Bleibtreu, is to be published this year, Rinn tells the German press agency Idea in an interview. She says writing is fun. "I don't predetermine everything during my writing."

Faith and theology

In her books, pastor Susanne Hertz is the protagonist. She solves crimes with the help of her friend, detective inspector Tanja Schmidt. Christian faith and theology play a marginal role in her stories, author Rinn says. She points out that faith is a "natural part" of her life. "It is not an accessory that you can take off."

Angela Rinn-Maurer belongs to the Protestant Church of Germany. She writes crime novels under the name Vera Bleibtreu. According to the website Krimilexikon, she studied in Marburg, Paris and Bonn and graduated in 1993 with a doctorate in pastoral care for heart attack patients.

She published several non-fiction books on theological topics and wrote her first crime novel in 2006.

At the same time, Rinn attempts to avoid an explicit Christian atmosphere in her books. "It is important to me that Christian and theological themes are not superimposed but rather belong organically to the events of the novel", she explains. Atheists can thus also read her books.


As a pastor, Angela Rinn preaches sermons on the pulpit. As an author, she organises readings. Of course, she is pleased when many people attend her readings, she says to Idea. Just like she is sad when the church remains empty on Sundays. At the same time, that does not hinder her in her work. "I'm a fan of demanding and promoting equality", she says.



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