Donbas is “sacred part of Russia”, says Patriarch Kirill


Eastern Europe


Patriarch Kirill meeting Ukrainian children. Photo ROC

The Russian Patriarch Kirill even defends the military operation to Ukrainian kids. In a meeting with children this week, he called the unity of the Donbas and Russia a "sacred reality."

The children were from Donetsk and Luhansk and were on a visit to Moscow. That is reported by SPHZ.

Kirill emphasised that only stupidity, betrayal and recklessness of the authorities led to a separation between Russia and the Donbas region, and that Donbas is an inseparable part of Russia. He called it "wonderful" that Russia "stood up for the interests of Donbas and did not allow the opponent's plans."

Furthermore, Patriarch Kirill called Donbas an outpost of the Russian world, IRP writes. He stressed that the Russian occupation of the region is crucial for protecting Russia's historical heritage and that he sees the war as absolutely right.


For this meeting, young athletes from Donbas were invited to listen to the Patriarch, as reported by Patriarcha.ru. In total, 190 young people met the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

It is not the first time that the Patriarch has met Ukrainian children. At earlier meetings, he also stressed to young people that the war in Ukraine is a defence of the Russian world.



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