Mobile synagogue in Germany on the move


Central Europe


The inauguration of the mobile synagogue. Photo Facebook, Jüdisches Bildungszentrum Chabad Berlin

The Jewish community in Chabad Berlin has put a mobile synagogue on the street. The synagogue on wheels must serve both educational and religious purposes.

On Sunday, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal inaugurated the so-called “Mizvah Mobile” in Berlin-Wilmersfdorf, Religion.orf writes. Germans can visit the synagogue, located in a big delivery van, to learn more about Judaism, attend Jewish services or celebrate Jewish traditions. Teichtal tells Morgenpost that people can come in with questions about Jewish people, practices and culture.

With the van, he wants to increase the visibility of the Jewish community to “enable tolerance and togetherness.” Whereas the Jewish community is in the news primarily because of anti-Semitic attacks, he wants to focus on the positive sides of Jewish life. “We are happy to live Jewish life in Germany, and it will stay that way.”

Rolling rabbi

The Mizvah Mobile is to travel all over Germany if necessary. That way, Jewish people who live far away from a religious community can practice their religion more easily. For example, the van will also travel to Saxony.

Rabbi Teichtal (l.) and ambassador Ron Prosor (r.) in front of the mobile synagogue. Photo Twitter, Ambassador Ron Prosor

Mendel Brandwein is the “rolling rabbi”, Morgenpost writes. Together with a driver, the 25-year-old Jewish man will tour through Berlin and Germany. Brandwein comes from New York, where he has already gained some experience with a mobile synagogue.

Education centre

The mobile synagogue was paid for by three Jewish families from Berlin. Together they raised 100,000 euros to alter a delivery van so that it is suited to be a synagogue.

Interior of the mobile synagogue. Photo Twitter, Ambassador Ron Prosor

The Jewish Education Centre Chabad Lubawitsch Berlin was also behind the setting up of the mobile synagogue. It says to be the largest Jewish educational centre in Europe. It consists of a synagogue, a Jewish ritual bath, a kosher restaurant and rabbinic training, among other things.



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