Evangelical Alliance Germany finishes reorganisation


Central Europe


Frank Heinrich, Ekkehart Vetter, Dr. Reinhardt Schink. Photo, EAD, KU Ruof

The Evangelical Alliance in Germany (EAD) installed its new leadership on Tuesday. The change is part of an extensive reorganisation.

“An epochal change”, the Evangelical Alliance calls the internal reorganisation, as reported by PRO. The entire leadership officially resigned on Tuesday, including chairman Ekkehart Vetter.

Instead, the EAD General Assembly will be the central governing body of the Evangelical Alliance in the country. This assembly consists of 15 people. Its spokeswoman is Daniela Knauz. In addition, board members Frank Heinrich and Reinhardt Schink will start working full-time at the EAD. They are to lead the alliance “equally.” Heinrich said during the inauguration ceremony that “as Christians, we are heading towards the future, but too often we look spellbound in the rear-view mirror.” He added that significant issues in society could be seen as a sign of the times and that he wants to tackle those with heart and mind. But most importantly, Heinrich stressed that it is crucial that “Jesus stays in the middle”, Idea writes.


A so-called convention will advise the General Assembly. The latter includes about 70 management people from the entire network of the EAD and is headed by spokeswoman Maike Sachs.

Former chairman Vetter said during his farewell that the “page in the EAD family book is turning from a historically grown and complex organisational structure to a more agile and lean form of association.” The new structure helps the Evangelical Alliance in achieving its goals, including the promotion of unity among Christians, common prayer, orientation to the Bible, spreading the Gospel in society and encouraging Christians to take their civic responsibility, the EAD press release states.


The Evangelical Alliance in Germany is a Christian network comprising Evangelical, Pietistic, Pentecostal and Free Church members.



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