Evangelical Alliance calls Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine


Eastern Europe


Ukrainian soldiers ride on an armoured military vehicle on a road outside Kherson. Photo EPA, Roman Pilipey

At the end of last month, the World Evangelical Alliance and the Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches of Ukraine published a joint statement that once again condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

That is reported by Risu.ua. The statement is published on Facebook among other sources. It states that the World Evangelical Alliance, the European Evangelical Alliance and the Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches of Ukraine want to publish a declaration on the eve of the Global Church Response in Ukraine, which was held between March 1 and 3.


“It is a year ago that Russia started a total invasion of Ukraine”, the Protestant organisations write. They add that they all condemn the aggression and are grateful to everyone who helps victims.

Furthermore, the alliances call for an immediate recession of Russian troops from Ukraine. “This is the fastest way to end the war”, they argue. According to the alliances, the invasion of Ukraine is unjustified and without cause. They call the justifications of protecting ethnic Russians in Ukraine, which are often used by Russian President Putin and Patriarch Kirill, a lie. Instead, they say to “pray that no other world leader will encourage such expressions of aggression, but has the wisdom to find solutions to restore a just peace.”


The alliances promise everyone who is in a difficult situation because they evacuated from their house or lost family members to pray for them. “It is our prayer that a just peace would come quickly; that you may begin to heal and rebuild; and that even through your pain, you may tangibly experience God’s presence.”

Also, the Evangelical Alliances and the Ukrainian Council of Protestant Churches call Russian Christians to stand up and confront their social group and their leaders. “We call on all Christians, whatever their nation, to intentionally turn to God by reflecting on how our own groups may be perpetuating harm and then by holding our governments, social groups, and even church communities accountable for their actions or inaction.”



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