Czech does not need sterilisation before gender change


Central Europe


Photo AFP, Alberto Pizzoli

Czechs who want to change their gender will no longer need sterilising surgery before being able to do so. The authorities have adjusted the rules for gender reassignment.

Until now, people who wanted to change their legal gender could not do so before undergoing surgical gender reassignment. During this procedure, their reproductive organs were removed. This prerequisite is now abolished, Radiozurnal Rozhlas reports. According to government Commissioner for Human Rights Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková, the only condition for a legal gender change will be a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, “in line with the new WHO international classification of diseases and gender officials.”

In addition, the person requesting the gender change should provide a personal statement. In practice, this means that the procedure is turned around. Legal gender change is now possible before surgery, instead of after, Radio Prague International emphasises.

The draft still needs to be passed by both houses of Parliament and be signed by the President before it can be enforced. If it survives these reviews, the Czech Republic will be one of the last EU countries that removes this requirement for legal gender change, as Expatz.cz points out.



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