Bible group in Finnish Parliament still alive after more than a century


Northern Europe

Sari Tanus was elected chairman of the Parliament's Bible Group. (Photo by Jukka Salmi)

The Parliament's Bible Group in Finland becomes active again at the beginning of the new parliamentary term in the country. It has supported Parliament employees since 1905. That makes it the oldest Parliamentary club.

At the start of the new term, the group elected a new leadership. Christian Democrat Sari Tanus and Pekka Aittakumpu from the Centre party were chosen to lead the Bible Group for the coming term. Tanus will be the president and Aittakumpu the vice chair. That is reported by the website of the Christian Democratic Party of Finland.

To give people who work at the Parliament a break to quiet down and practice devotion, the Bible Group organises the weekly Week break. It is open to everyone in Parliament. In addition, the Bible Group aims to support the coping skills of Parliament employees.

It also networks internationally at inter-parliamentary guest events, Seurakuntalainen reports. It participates, for example, in prayer breakfasts, organised by many European parliaments.

Also, the Finnish Freedom of Religion Act became 100 this year. The Parliament's Bible group stresses that “freedom of religion, conscience and belief is an important human right and basic freedom, which is a great national wealth.”