German Bible texts remain visible on Humboldt dome


Central Europe


The Bible text on the dome of the Humboldt forum is controversial, because some believe that it refers to Christian dominance over the world. Photo Wikimedia Commons

The controversial Bible verses on the dome of the Humboldt Castle in Berlin will remain visible. Covering them up with an artwork would too much.

A spokesman for the Humboldt Forum Foundation said that the costs of the project have increased enormously, WDR reports. According to him, the expenses reached an “upper six-digit amount.”

The original plan was to cover the controversial Bible text on the dome of the castle. The quote reads, “that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, which are in heaven and on earth and under the earth.” The words, commissioned by a Prussian king in the 19th century, could be interpreted as an expression of Christian dominance in the world, WDR writes.


However, a feasibility test showed that there was no satisfactory solution to cover the words within the specified budget, PRO writes. However, that does not mean that the last words have been said about the quote. The questions of reconstruction, dome and inscription will be addressed by the program work.

The façade of the dome is to be completed within the next two years, Evangelische Zeitung writes. One of the changes is that another 18 sculptures will be added to the balustrades of the Humboldt Forum. They are over 3 metres tall and still need to be designed. According to Evangelische Zeitung, there will be an artist competition for the design of the statues.



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