German light show displays creation


Central Europe


A moment during the light show about creation. Photo YouTube, screenshot Fever

In the centre of Berlin's tourist district, a light show presents the Biblical story of creation. Whoever enters the Passionskirche can watch how the universe came into being.

Until the end of August, tourists can enjoy the light show Genesis, PRO reports.

Whoever buys a ticket enters a dark church room with cushions on the floor, so people can get comfortable watching the show. Only a few lights can be vaguely seen. The show starts with the fact that "the earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep" (Gen. 1:2). The few lights even turn off. Briefly.


Because suddenly, light worms crawl over the ceiling. Sparks seem to dwindle down. "And God said, "let there be light," and there was light".

Blue lanes represent the water that came into being the next day; the chaotic light structures move so they become more orderly. The blue and yellow turn into green, the creation of plants. Flowers and blossoms pop up on the ceiling, and branches and leaves grow.

Then the light show skips some days, PRO reports. The creation of the birds, fish and other animals is not on display. Instead, the show continues to the creation of man. On the walls and ceiling, flickering candles symbolise the presence of God and man. "Because who else should have lit it?" PRO explains.

With the fading of the candle lights, the real lights turn on again to mark the end of the show. The display can be visited till August 28. Tickets cost 12,90 for adults. In total, the show lasts 30 minutes.


The show is adjusted carefully to the architecture of the building it is displayed in, the staff of Genesis tells Evangelical Focus. To optimise the show, the ceiling and structures of the church are measured so that the size of the lights can be adjusted.

After the show closes in Berlin, it will go to Leipzig, Lyon and London. The organisers hope they will be able to add the last three creation days in the future as well.



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