World Evangelical Alliance calls Christians to contribute to peace


European Union


A boy wearing a Vyshyvanka, a traditional Ukrainian embroidered blouse, holds pigeons as he poses for his mother at Independence Square in Kyiv. Photo AFP, Sergei Supinsky

The World Evangelical Alliance actively contributes to the work of the United Nations. Recently, it submitted a "declaration of peace" for the UN's new peace agenda.

The World Evangelical Alliance has a special committee, the Peace and Reconciliation Network (PRN), that authored the declaration for the UN peace agenda. The global Network consists of Christian leaders, "dedicated to building peace capacity in regional and local contexts", Livenet writes.

"The world needs the church that sows peace and makes peace", Phil Waler said. He is the global director of the Network. PRN focuses mainly on education, recovery, support, initiative and networking.

The UN peace agenda is an initiative of António Guterres, UN Secretary-General. In it, Guterres elaborates on the future of security cooperation.

The statement of the World Evangelical Alliance calls for special attention to specific issues as part of the UN peace efforts. These include involvement of faith communities, trauma healing, peace education, investments in peacebuilding by government and business and publication of good news.

Furthermore, the statement calls for the UN to "adopt a collaborative and holistic approach that does not ignore the voices of faith, but salutes their contribution and participation as vital to the healing of nations."


According to Janet Epp Buckingham, the President of the World Evangelical Alliance global outreach, there is much work to do to "achieve a peaceful world." She finds it important that "Christians support the important peace work of the UN." Christians cannot be left out of efforts to resolve international conflicts, she points out.

The World Evangelical Alliance has been committed to peacebuilding from its start, says Thomas Schirrmacher, the Secretary General of the organisation. "Because Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, called us to be peacemakers everywhere. I am pleased that the World Evangelical Alliance can contribute to the work of the UN with our declaration of peace."



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