Church of Cyprus: Sex education protects children


Southern Europe


A school teacher gives a class at a school in the capital Nicosia (Cyprus). Photo AFP, Iakovos Hatzistavrou

Many Christian parents worry about the sexual education their children receive at school. In contrast, the Archbishop of Cyprus stresses the importance of the lessons.

The topic of sexual education was dealt with on Monday when the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus came together, Orthodoxia writes.

Archbishop Georgios concluded that when children are exposed to all kinds of information and misinformation on the internet from a very young age, solid education on sexuality in schools is imperative. “Children should be informed to protect themselves”, the Archbishop stated, emphasising that the education should be age-appropriate.


The synod acknowledges the concerns among parents and others who are afraid that their children will be taught inappropriate things about sexuality at school. However, the Holy Synod reassures them. The Synod members point out that part of the worries is due to “exaggerations from propaganda which do not correspond to reality.”

To ensure that children receive responsible and good sexual education, teachers should be trained specifically to teach the subject, the Synod furthermore stated. In addition, sexual education classes should not be taught by lobby groups that “will impose an ideology rather than contribute to the consolidation of what is included in the course syllabus.”

In addition, the synod promised to keep a close eye on the content of the course and the way it will be taught. It also spoke positively about the fact that the Minister of Education consults parents and society in general if it changes the syllabus of the sexual education classes. The Synod has invited the Education Minister to its next meeting for more information and a final decision on the matter, Orthodoxia.info reports.



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