Slovakian parents can block sexual education of their child


Central Europe


Slovakian pupils in the school library. Photo zspredajna.edupage

Sexual education of school children may become dependent on parental consent in Slovakia.

The idea comes from Richard Vašečka, a member of the Slovakian National Council for the conservative OĽANO party. He argues that the school curriculum should always respect parents' rights to ensure their children's upbringing and education in accordance with their beliefs Standard reports.

Therefore, Vašečka wants schools to inform parents in advance about the content of the sexual education classes, Teraz writes. The politician argues that schools should request the "informed consent" of parents before introducing new materials to their children in the future. In addition, parents should have the right to set conditions for their child's participation in sexual education.

Recently, parents were outraged by the content of some new textbooks used in the classroom. The proposal is to prevent teachers from presenting "controversial ideas about sexuality" to their pupils ", which many parents may have a problem with."



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