Macron pushes abortion further into the Constitution


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A woman holds a placard reading "Abortion is a fundamental right" during a rally to call for the constitutionalisation of the right to abortion outside the Senate in Paris. Photo AFP, Ludovic Marin

The French President Emmanuel Macron is set on establishing abortion as a fundamental right. On Wednesday, he furthered his plan by announcing that he wants abortion to be in the Constitution as soon as possible.

Macron wants to refresh the French Constitution. One of the changes he proposes is a new article that establishes abortion as a human right, Valeurs Actuelles reports. The President emphasised that he aims to "find a text agreeing the points of view between the National Assembly and the Senate and allowing a Congress to be convened in Versailles". He added that he hopes that this will be "completed as soon as possible."

Macron wants the Constitution to determine "the conditions in which the woman's freedom to terminate her pregnancy is exercised". This parliamentary text was adopted in March. An earlier text was passed already in November 2022. The latter indicates that "the law guarantees the effectiveness and equal access to the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy". However, President Macron favours the first one. At the same time, he wants to be cautious: "We do not revise the Constitution under the influence of emotion, to respond to fashions or for the beauty of the gesture."


On Wednesday, the French Constitution celebrated its 65th anniversary, La Croix writes. Macron used that opportunity to reflect on the law as it is nowadays.

According to the President, the rules about referendums should also be revised, La Croix states. Several political parties want to broaden the scope of referendums, as specified by Article 11 of the Constitution. Macron has promised that he will "complete" the project.

As CNE reported earlier, Macron does not need to hold a referendum on the abortion issue, as he took the route of a constitutional bill on the government's initiative.



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