Mother’s column - Oh, those Monday mornings!


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Children arrive to attend the first day of primary school. Photo EPA, Olivier Hoslet

Ever had a Monday morning when you didn't feel like getting up? When you open your eyes and you know that in the next hour or so you have to somehow wake up the kids, prepare their snacks, and check that they're packed.

Because, of course, you couldn't get them to do their own school related chores on Friday or Saturday. Why don't I feel that the sunrise brings a new day and new opportunities for us?


Where are the milestones on the road of teaching children independence? How long should mum (dad in our case) ask them every morning which sandwich they want to bring to school? How long am I responsible for the cleanness of my child's gym kit?

After all, the goal is to raise them to be adults, and that doesn't happen overnight. They don't wake up on their 18th birthday with the responsibility and awareness of adults to organise their household, their studies and other odds and ends. (This doesn't even develop by the age of 30 in some cases.)


So, it is up to us, parents, to give them autonomy. There is a beauty in this sweaty work: which mother or father is not happy when their child takes the first steps or says the name of one of them for the first time? Why don't we celebrate the first time they clean their room, wash their clothes or make their school sandwich?

These are also important milestones on the road to independence. We need to find a balance between our expectations and our children's abilities.

In the meantime, we have many Monday mornings ahead of us.



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