German Christmas stamp points to Bethlehem


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The Christmas stamp of 2023. Photo German Finance Ministry

Germans who want to send Christmas cards this year can use a unique stamp. What is most peculiar about it is that it announces the birth of Jesus.

The Federal Ministry of Finance has the responsibility to develop a special postage stamp annually. This year, it depicts an angel with the message: “Euch is heute der Heiland geboren” (Unto you is born this day the Saviour), a Bible text from Luke 2. The stamp was presented in Germany earlier this month.

Officially, Finance Minister Christian was to present the release, but because of some political issues with the supplementary budget, which was declared unconstitutional, he was not able to do so, RND writes. Instead, he sent Dominique Lagast, a law expert of the Ministry, to do so instead.


"A child in a manger, born in a feeding trough – that is where the Savior can be found. There in Bethlehem, in the simplest of circumstances, the angel's good news begins", the Finance Ministry explains the Christmas message on its website.

This year's Christmas stamp is part of a series. Last year, another part came out: a Christmas stamp reading: “Ich verkündige euch eine große Freude” (I bring you tidings of great joy), which is also part of the angel's message in Luke 2. In 2021, the stamp called on people to "fear not", which also comes from the same Bible chapter.

The Finance Ministry continues to explain the word "Saviour", which "contains the meaning "to heal, to make whole, to make healthy", and in religious terms, it "refers to Jesus Christ as an equivalent to "Saviour" and "Redeemer."


Anyone who buys the Christmas stamp supports charitable projects, the Finance Ministry writes on its website. This can be seen from a "plus sign" on the stamp. It has a value of 85 cents, but people pay 40 cents extra, which goes to charities. According to the Finance Ministry, which has more stamps with the plus sign, about 10 million euros are donated to charities every year.



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