Guest commentary: The new World Order is driven by secularists



David Millard

The European Union is sometimes accused of imposing its gender agenda onto other, more traditional nations. Photo EPA, Roman Pilipey

If Europe wants to survive, it must find a future. And that future lays in the Christian religion that has created its cultural heritage that still unites the continent, says David Millard.

The ambition to rule the world is an idea as old as the world itself going all the way back to Babel. Except that today’s world leaders attempting to realise it are more organised. I am convinced that their plan is the demise of Western civilization because the latter stands for Christian culture and to replace the Old-World Order with one they have created for themselves.

It is driven primarily by secularists who have rejected God. Their strategy is to undermine Christian culture and break it down. In their view, Christianity itself and by implication European colonialists who exported it are the cause of the non-Christian world’s poverty, instead of being the primary reason for Europe’s prosperity!


Therefore, they believe that it is necessary to change the existing status quo and a New World Order. And so, there are organisations today working to create a New World Order.

Under the pretext of universal human rights, they are conspiring to bring about a world government, single world economy and world religion. This is evidenced by the World Government Summit held each year. Behind it is a network of organisations who control politicians, corporations, and media networks. Their plan is to divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. If they were to propose their plan to control the world openly people would oppose it, and so they do it by deception.

Global citizens

We are told if humanity will just come together, all our problems will be solved. That we should think of ourselves as global citizens who belong to a community of nations. That coming together will serve the interests of humanity.

But they are not striving for global governance for the benefit of others. We know that because its proponents are characterised by corruption themselves. They have rejected the law of God. It is a coordinated effort to seize control of sovereign nations and to consolidate political and economic control over them. Central to this is the demise of the nation state replacing it with regional alliances. Later, the regions themselves will be brought under a single world government. And so, we are seeing the dismantling of sovereign nations by colluding politicians.

This corruption at the political level has played a huge role in determining the current state of the world. The desire for world governance has been spoken of openly by world leaders. By creating international institutions, they want the world to be under an international body to engineer government policy and to build a new structure.


They want to accomplish their goal through globalism, I believe. They themselves promote this concept as well. We see more calls for international cooperation, regional integration though trade agreements, joint efforts on economic development, agreements on monetary and exchange arrangements, as well as free movement of goods and capital. The politicians want the world to become a single market having uniform laws and regulations increasingly becoming more globalised and centralised, thereby creating a single world economy they control.

And they will achieve this by any means. Every crisis, many of which they have created themselves, is used to advance this agenda. The idea is to destabilise counties through economic manipulation, or creating wars and inter-ethnic conflicts or what are really engineered conflicts. They then force nations to seek help from international institutions they control which come in the form of military occupation or debt bondage.


This is seeing unbelievable suffering through economic hardship for millions of people today or the death of thousands unknowingly caught in the crosshairs.

As I see things, building this New World Order is the grand objective of America’s foreign policy and the reason it has over eight hundred military bases across the globe.

Their modus operandi is to replace existing governments, what is called regime change.

The new government does the bidding of those who placed them in power working towards the agenda of the latter. The ultimate objective is to create a single world government and world economy.

World government

The United Nations they created is already trying to become a de facto world government. The G20 is now the face of it. Their real agenda is to dismantle Western civilisation because it stands for Christian culture and to create a New World Order.

I am convinced that secularists are working to create a European federal super state that will rule the world. This plan is now so advanced as to be irreversible but attempts to build a secular international order will not succeed and will plunge the world into chaos.

The reason is because they are working in opposition to God. If the Old-World Order represented Christian dominance which they oppose, then it is a war against Christianity. The attack against Christianity comes from both internal and external forces opposed to it. While one attacks externally the other advances internally.


Attacks against Christians are not just perpetrated by random acts of terrorism but also by those who stand against Christianity’s moral law. Many are Europe’s own elected leaders. The objective is to undermine belief in God. The values they promote are not European values or based on biblical principles. When its leaders talk of Europe’s values, they really mean anything other than Christianity.

And here is the problem because Europe is the Christian continent. Since it is Europeans themselves who have rejected Christianity, their own elected leaders are merely taking Europe on a course of their own choosing.

As it moves further away from God, we see Europe's decline. What is happening in Europe today is the result of its spiritual condition and rejection of Christ. If it is to survive at all Europe needs to go back to its religious and cultural identity found in Christianity because a house divided against itself cannot stand.



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