German Christian Democrats to support large families. And other elements in the new manifesto


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CDU General Secretary Carsten Linnemann. Photo CDU, Tobias Koch

The Christian Democratic Union in Germany has presented a new values document. The outcome is surprising, seeing the discussion about the Christian character of the party.

The draft of the values document was presented earlier this week in Berlin, PRO writes. The document "Living in freedom. Leading Germany safely into the future", consists of 70 pages. It took the CDU 22 months of work to write it.

In the new manifesto, the CDU promises a new foundation of values based on the Christian view of humanity. According to General Secretary Carsten Linneman, this foundation of values should be a basis for Germany's future.

The document is focused on the "inviolable dignity of human beings in "every phase of their development", Idea reports. The CDU sees everyone "as a being created by God", and believes that "every human being is a unique, unavailable, and should live freely and self-determinedly."

There are several points that receive extra attention in the values document:

  1. Unborn life

The Christian Democrats believe that "unborn life requires our special attention." Even though they do support the current abortion legislation in which abortion is officially illegal but tolerated up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, they plead for more help for women and men who find themselves in a pregnancy conflict.

  1. Family

The CDU sees families as the "nucleus of society and the basis for its cohesion", the document reads. The party stresses the importance of stable marriages and points out that marriage receives special protection from the German Constitution. The party defines family as "wherever people are permanently connected or related to one another and take responsibility for one another in a binding manner." The CDU also pleads for more financial support for single parents and for large families.

At the same time, the party clings to the notion that there are only two genders. It distances itself from "gender ideology" and holds onto the belief that sex is a biological fact.

  1. Churches

Because Germany has a Christian character, churches and Christian communities are an important partner of the state, the Christian Democratic Party argues. Christian communities help in giving people meaning to their lives and providing pastoral care. In addition, the party wants Christian symbols to remain visible in public spaces and Christian holidays to remain national holidays.

  1. Persecuted Christians

The Christian Democrats say they want to do more for persecuted minorities worldwide. They promise that persecuted Christians will receive their special attention.

  1. Israel

The draft document defends Israel's security and right to defend itself. "Israel has a right to live free from terror, fear and violence", the values document reads.

The new basic programme is to be officially approved by the board in January. Party members will get a chance to discuss its content after that. In May 2024, a party conference will be held where the programme will have to be approved as well.



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