One in three Ukrainians celebrates Christmas twice


Eastern Europe


A woman walks past a symbolic Christmas tree made from spent shells casing and other spent ammunitionin set outside a cafe in the center of Kyiv. Photo AFP, Sergei Supinsky

Nearly one-third of Ukrainians will celebrate Christmas both in December and January. The war has changed the way they approach the holidays.

Not all Ukrainians will celebrate Christmas in December, a Deloitte survey suggests. Some 45 per cent of them will, but seven per cent will not do so until January, at the same time as their Russian Orthodox brothers and sisters. Some 32 per cent celebrate Christmas on both days.

The dates of these days differ because Ukrainian churches have recently changed their calendar from Julian to Gregorian. In doing so, they turned away from the country they are at war with: Russia.

Deloitte also conducted research on the buying behaviour of Ukrainians during the Christmas holidays. This showed that donations to the military are on the rise. Some 68 per cent say they give money to charities during this period. Of these, 86 per cent donate to the military.



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