Ukrainians present handwritten Bible


Eastern Europe


photo Ukrainian Bible Society

Representatives of various Ukrainian churches presented a handwritten Bible at the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.

According to the monthly published Christian newspaper Slovo pro Slovo, more than 30,000 people took part in the rewriting of the Bible. Among them are the heads of all the Ukrainian Churches of the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant denominations, four Presidents of Ukraine and five prime ministers. The organiser of the project is the Ukrainian Bible Society.

According to the Ukrainian Baptist church website, the handwritten Bible set three national records. Firstly, it is the largest handwritten book in Ukraine. Secondly, it is the book that contains the highest number of handwritings of modern Ukrainians. Thirdly, despite the massive number of pages, it was nevertheless managed to be stitched into one volume.

The project started in 2018 en lasted three years until the presentation on June 7th. According to the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, His Beatitude Epiphanius, it was very important to start the project when Ukraine was torn apart by various external factors because only the Bible can unite the Ukrainian people.

Mykhailo Panochko, the senior bishop of the Ukrainian Church of Christians of the Evangelical Faith, sincerely congratulated everyone on the result. “We are different, but the Bible is one. We have different views, but the Bible will form one view - and it will depend on our hearts.”, he noted.

According to the President of the Ukrainian Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Stanislav Nosov, the value of this project can not be underestimated. “The Bible is more precious than gold! When people read the Bible, they receive wealth, blessings, and happiness. We all dream of living in a happy country, and only the Bible can give what we dream of.”

The handwritten Bible will be kept in the House of the Bible in Kyiv and is visible to the public.



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