Ukrainian president open for mediation by Pope Francis


Eastern Europe


President Zelensky and Pope Francis. Photo AFP, Gregorio Borgia

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, would welcome the pope as a mediator in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Zelensky said so after a phone call with the pope on Tuesday.

It is the second time that the Ukrainian president spoke to the pope within a month, Catholic News Agency reports. Zelensky writes on Twitter that he told the pope about the humanitarian difficulties in his country and that he pointed out how the Russians block humanitarian corridors. In addition, the president states that he would welcome Vatican's mediation in the conflict. He also thanked the pope for his prayers for Ukraine.

On February 26, Zelensky also spoke to the pope, he recalls. According to Zelensky, the pope then spoke "very important words" and said that he understood that Ukraine defends itself.

Furthermore, the president stated that at least 117 children were killed during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Moreover, thousands of people were wounded, tens of thousands of families were destroyed, and millions of houses were abandoned. "All of this started because of one person."

Andrii Yurash, the Ukrainian ambassador in the Vatican, also tweeted about Zelensky's phone call with the pope on Tuesday. Yurash calls the conversation "very promising" and "a new visible gesture of support."



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