“Children Russian surrogacy not for foreign couples”


Eastern Europe


Photo Unsplash, Edward Cisneros

All children born to surrogate mothers should remain in Russia. That is the request of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Earlier, Russian politicians submitted a bill that proposed the same idea. However, according to the Orthodox Church, the current anti-Russian sanctions make the issue even more urgent.

"To the background of the economic and information blockade put on our country, the legally permitted export of children from Russia is confusing", priest Feodor Lukyanov said at a round table in Moscow. The head of the ecclesiastical commission for family affairs noted that he does not want to change the general law regulating surrogacy, Interfax Religion reports. According to him, emergency measures are necessary to prevent the export of children "with unclear aims and consequences." After a child is taken out of Russia, the Russian state can no longer protect the children's rights.



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