First trial under new abortion law Poland


Central Europe


Woman with pills. Image not related to article. Photo Unsplash, Bermix Studio

A Polish woman who helped another woman with ending her pregnancy will be the first person to stand on trial under the new abortion law in Poland. The court will look at her case on April 8.

The accused, Justyna Wydrzyńska, faces charges because she provided another Polish woman, named Ania, with abortion pills. Helping someone end a pregnancy can be punished with three years in prison, Radio Zet reports.

In 2020, Ania had been pregnant for about 12 weeks when she contacted the Abortion Dream Team, of which Justyna Wydrzyńska is also part. Ania wanted to travel abroad to get an abortion, but her abusive husband prevented her from going. Therefore, Wydrzyńska provided her with abortion pills.

However, Ania's husband discovered the drugs and called the police. Law officers searched the house and found abortion pills. According to Radio Zet, it is not sure whether all of these came from Wydrzyńska.

Possessing pills not illegal, but giving away pills is

Meanwhile, Ania miscarried. She said that it happened because of the whole situation and stress. Yet, Radio Zet writes that it cannot be confirmed whether she had a miscarriage or carried out an abortion.

In June 2021, Wydrzyńska received a search warrant from the Polish authorities. They demanded she hands over all abortion pills she owned. According to Notes from Poland possessing abortion pills is not illegal, but anyone "who provides a pregnant woman with help in terminating a pregnancy or induces her to do so can face up to three years in prison."

In November, the authorities filed charges against Wydrzyńska. Her trial will take place on April 8.



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