Dutch Bible for mentally disabled


Western Europe

Lennart Nijenhuis, CNE.news

Special Bible for mentally disabled people. Photo Philadelphia

Dutch Care organisation Philadelphia publishes a Bible for people with a mental disabilities. These people often use children's Bibles, but the organisation argues that they should have their own version.

That is reported by the Dutch daily Nederlands Dagblad based on a press release from the care organisation. According to Philadelphia, mentally disabled people should have a Bible that is not "childish, serious and with real stories." Therefore, Philadelphia designed "Hoopvolle verhalen voor jou" (translated as "Hopeful stories for you"). The book can be bought for less than 20 euros.

The special Bible version contains texts that people with mental disabilities can read themselves. However, according to the Nederlands Dagblad, the stories are also suitable for reading to others. The book consists of 77 stories about "hope, using talents and making mistakes", Philadelphia writes in its press release. Participants of the ateliers of the daycare made the illustrations for the stories.

According to a spokeswoman, the idea of publishing a special Bible originates from the Covid pandemic. Then, specific Bible stories were made more accessible and published on YouTube. "We knew this was so valuable that we must save it somewhere."



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