Ukrainian churches call for round-the-clock prayer on Feb 24th


Eastern Europe


People attend a prayer service by Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev patriarchate. Photo EPA, Roman Pilipey

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations calls Christians in Ukraine to fast and pray on Thursday , the day Russia invaded the country a year ago.

Coming February 24, a new military operation and massive missile attack is to be expected, the Council writes in a statement that is published by Risu.ua. "We need God's power to defeat the Russian aggressor", the Council admits.

The church representatives point out that it is an example of God's intervention and an answer to Ukrainians' prayer that Russia has been unable to conquer the Ukrainian forces. "The Lord sowed chaos among the enemies and took away their minds while giving our soldiers supernatural strength and accuracy to repel the attack", they state.


At the same time, the statement reads civilians and soldiers are dying every day, and there is no perspective of an end to the war quite yet. Instead, "most experts and analysts note that the "next few months will be decisive."

Ukrainian believers pray with priests of the Church of Saint Borys and Gleb in a bomb shelter. Photo AFP, Yasuyoshi Chiba

Therefore, the church leaders call Ukrainian Christians to take up the "supernatural weapons God has given us to destroy the great evil and devilish plans." "It is crucial that believers of all denominations unite in fasting, prayer and doing alms for the victory of Ukraine, for its spiritual revival and restoration on February 24, 2023."

The Council wants believers to hold round-the-clock prayer vigils, fast and perform charity works. "The Almighty and loving God will always answer the fervent prayer of believers", they point out.


Also, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is formally connected to the Moscow Patriarchate, calls its members to pray.

Ukrainians pray at a prayer meeting in Kyiv. Photo EPA, Sergey Dolzhenko

Believers are to remember the fallen, their families and fighting Ukrainians in their prayers, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church writes in a press release. All over the country, memorial services for the dead will be held. "Clerics, monks and believers should spend the day fasting", the Church leadership furthermore orders.


The Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine already declared February 24 as a fasting and prayer day at the beginning of the month, Risu.ua and the Roman Catholic Church website report. The Vicar General of the Holy Father, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, said that the day will be one of fasting and prayer for peace.

According to Cardinal De Donatis, believers cannot accept the lack of solutions for true peace. "Nor should we deceive ourselves that the path to peace and reconciliation is easy. And yet, we ask the Lord for this peace. We want to build it in our daily lives, with our small and big deeds", he writes in a letter to the clergy and other people.

The Cardinal calls on "communities to unite and ask the Lord for the gift of peace and strengthen our actions as peacemakers."



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