Nationwide “Letters to God” call Ukrainians to pray for end to war


Eastern Europe


Ukrainian Christians hold a box with prayer letters. Photo Risu.ua

A Ukrainian prayer initiative has now launched throughout the country.

As reported by InVictory, a Ukrainian “prayer flash mob” has begun a project called “Letters to God,” which is aimed toward praying for victory in the war. The initiative encourages participants in key cities to write a letter, which can include prayer requests or simply pouring one’s heart out to God.

The flash mob’s co-organiser, Father Mikhail Vikhot, said the “prayer front,” which includes millions of people, has the power to bring us closer to victory.

“The purpose of the event is to show the importance of unity in prayer. Also, unity in serving and helping each other in a difficult time of war. Remember that prayer at this time is not something secondary that does not concern us, said Vikhot.

Letter to God

All the letters are placed into a box, which will travel around various cities in Ukraine. Its first stop began on the 16 October in the western city of Ivano-Frankivsk. “Oksana,” a participant from Frankivsk, says that her letter was written to the world and God.

“I always ask him for advice, and then some kind of denouement, a solution comes. I believe in it. It is also that we certainly need to think about our life values and priorities… These are my life guidelines, and this is how I teach my children and great-grandchildren. We will win because we are such Ukrainians – ardent,” she said in the InVictory article.

Father Vikhot says that his letter includes the prayer community’s heartfelt words and text from a wartime prayer.

“Our letter, which was signed in Ivano-Frankivsk, includes a prayer in which we expressed the most important requests for this time, and God has definitely already read it,” he said in the Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU).

The letter box will end its route in Ternopil, another city in western Ukraine. The prayer flash mob will also conclude their activities at the end of January in Kyiv. After, the letters to God will be collected and read at the city’s All-Ukrainian Youth Center.



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